Bio Plant Jkt

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STYLE: 475727
Bio Plant Jacket is a short, wind- and waterproof rain jacket. It is produced in natural materials and is completely degradable. It contains neither fluorocarbons, PVC, nor other non-degradable materials. This jacket has two large front pockets, a hood that can be adjusted with laces, and two open inner pockets. All details on the jacket, including the zipper at the front, are completely degradable. The zipper is made of Amni Soul Eco®, the first degradable polyamide fibre in the world. This rain jacket is made of fibre from sugar beets, corn, and cassava, all of which are degradable plant fibers, making the jacket completely degradable – from nature to nature.


• Wind- and waterproof
• Two large front pockets
• Adjustable hood
• Made of PLA (polylactic acid, a completely biodegradable material